The World According To Jaden

Life changing isn’t it? To find out that most trees are in fact blue. And that every word must begin with a capital letter, regardless of where it is positioned in a sentence. Who Would Have Thought That Jaden Smith, Best Known For Being Will Smith’s Son, Is In Fact The Greatest Philosopher Of Our Generation? A Gift To The World That Would Have Perhaps Gone Undiscovered Had It Not Been For The Invention Of Twitter.

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Sailing Into Uncharted Waters

Journalistic Waters

Everyone is bombarded with stories, videos and images from the mainstream legacy media on a daily basis. In a sea of royal babies, executions, Logie dresses, and flooded stadiums, it can be difficult to sort out what is trivial and what is relevant. It can be even harder to hear anything other than what the media deems to be “newsworthy” (apparently a royal baby was just about the only thing that mattered today). Enter you…

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