Curiouser & Curiouser


Curiosity is a major driving force behind human behaviour. It’s what drives you to keep looking at Wikipedia pages or click on an article on Buzzfeed. It’s what drives you to go see that play or movie that everyone seems to be raving about. It’s what drives you to watch the next episode of House of Cards, even though it’s 2am and you have an early class. It’s that little feeling you get when you just want to know.

Think of where we’d be without curiosity. No research would ever have been conducted, no technology ever created, no one would have even thought of planting the seed that kick-started agriculture. Our species would have died out long before we could even leave the Sahara.

The greatest discoveries in history came about because the discoverers were curious. They wanted to know what would happen if they sailed in this direction or what would happen if this chemical with that chemical. Curiosity has taken us around the globe and out into the darkness of space. Without curiosity, we know nothing.

Be like George.



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One thought on “Curiouser & Curiouser

  1. Kate Bowles says:

    But I have a question: are there different kinds of curiosity? I was thinking about wanting to separate “another Buzzfeed article” from “another episode of House of Cards”. I find myself sometimes clicking on things out of a very low level curiosity (really, how many celebrities looked like small rodents when they were children? Oh look, here are ten pictures and 10 advertisements to click through … ), but in other situations the curiosity is more driven: I really, really want to know.

    Do we need a different language for these two things, or are they really the same?


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