The World According To Jaden

Life changing isn’t it? To find out that most trees are in fact blue. And that every word must begin with a capital letter, regardless of where it is positioned in a sentence. Who Would Have Thought That Jaden Smith, Best Known For Being Will Smith’s Son, Is In Fact The Greatest Philosopher Of Our Generation? A Gift To The World That Would Have Perhaps Gone Undiscovered Had It Not Been For The Invention Of Twitter.

Sarcastic Homer

Jaden Smith is an example of how Twitter has enabled celebrities to share “a seemingly authentic, intimate image” (Marwick, Boyd 2011) of themselves with their fans, taking them “backstage” into their private lives. While Jaden’s tweets are mostly nonsensical utterances, they do offer an insight into what he genuinely thinks and feels. He is able to shrug off the shackles of “…PR artifice and management” (Marwick, Boyd 2011) and present an untailored and informal online persona. Fellow Twitter users can then engage with Jaden by retweeting, commenting on, and favouriting his tweets, or tagging his username in other posts. The dynamics of parasocial interaction are altered by this process as a two-way relationship between celebrity and fan is formed (Marwick, Boyd 2011). Not only do the fans know exactly what Jaden thinks, but now Jaden knows exactly what the fans think. Could this explain why he recently deleted his Twitter account?

A Bonus Jadenism

look at hands tweet

I have such fat hands!


Marwick, Alice, Boyd, Danah (2011) ‘To See and Be Seen: Celebrity Practice on Twitter.’ Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 17(2) 139-158.

Online Image,, viewed 12 May 2015.

falcont2tjockey, (2015). Jaden Smith : Words of Wisdom, online video, viewed 12 May 2015


5 thoughts on “The World According To Jaden

  1. melmanalo says:

    You did an excellent job on this post! Not only did you incorporate references from the weekly readings you demonstrated your own knowledge and understanding of how celebrities offer insight into their personal lives through their online persona on Twitter.

    I particularly liked that your blog post wasn’t too text heavy and it was spread out with videos and images that supported and complemented your argument. One suggestion to improve your post could be to compare and contrast Jayden’s ‘informal and untailored’ online persona to another celebrity the same as him such as Rico Rodriguez (Manny form Modern Family). By doing this you could compare how they are both the same age but are producing different online personas through their content. Rico as being more mature and professional in his online persona as opposed to Jayden.

    Overall you did a fantastic effort!


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