The Power Of The People

The Power Of The People

Where were you when Phillip Hughes died? Or when a gunman held a group of people hostage in Sydney’s Lindt Cafe?

How did you react to these events? Did you rely on traditional media for information or look to more expressive platforms?

Click here to view “The Power of the People”.


4 thoughts on “The Power Of The People

  1. thepinkprotagonist says:

    These are great examples of how the social media can be used for good. How a simple gesture can be made a world wide expression of grief for something that was so very sad, and also how powerful a hashtag can be to remind people that there is still love for your fellow person. Great job and great examples


  2. amybythewindow says:

    I think this is a fantastic example of engaging with our weekly topics, not only did you utilise the academic information from the lecture, but also engaged with examples of your own. I think what really made an impact upon me was that I could relate to these situations, as most of us went through the same experience. You also really powerfully used the Prezi to get your point across succinctly.


  3. livelifeivan says:

    The examples you used for this post are great and your prezi presentation is well utilized but I think that the background of your prezi is a little be distracting. Especially when reading some of the points, the lines are making it a bit harder to read. Overall great post!


  4. bijankazubonja says:

    Could not think of two better examples to illustrate and support your argument! Social media spheres went into over-drive with in particular, messages of support and grief over both incidents. Prior to the rise of digital media individuals were extremely limited in expressing their thoughts and emotions, as news was restricted to traditional mediums like print and television and therefore audiences were able to only express themselves within their private social spheres. Your Prezi coherently highlighted how the shift to dialogic media has changed the role of the audience.


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