Not All Phones Are Created Equal

Sounds silly but it’s true. The battle between the Apple and Android goes far beyond aesthetics and battery life and into the rival companies’ philosophies – locked or generative. The late Steve Jobs was quite upfront when it came to Apple’s very ‘un-Apple II’ stance on the matter, saying “we define everything that is on the phone…You don’t want your phone to be like a PC…”. In other words Apple has put a padlock on their creation and swallowed the key. Android, on the other hand, encourages users to access and modify the platform, essentially giving them the spare key.

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Zittrain, Jonathan L., The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It, viewed 26 March 2015,


5 thoughts on “Not All Phones Are Created Equal

  1. Jenna says:

    Hey! I really liked your humorous take on the differences between the Apple and Android philosophies. Your meme, in conjunction with your explanation summed up the stance of Apple really well and the use of the spare key metaphor perfectly explained what Android is trying to do with their platform – not give away complete control but allow users the freedom to customise and grants them a sense of independence. Thanks!


  2. bellamiahunter says:

    Awesome meme! love that the themes of the matrix actually tie in with the subject of convergent media itself. In a way, we could say that Neo was ‘locked’ in the apple world.. but when Morpheus introduced him to the real world, it was like he entered the free and generative world- Android!


  3. The Leisure Post says:

    Great meme. The word ‘key’ has many signed attached to it and using it do signify how android users are given a key to access their phones code is very clever.

    If you are enjoying the study of open source technology find interest in this Article written by Dale A. Bradley which explores the theory in detail.

    Over all this is a great meme; your explanation could have explained more what a generative platform is but over all it makes sense.



  4. heatherc93 says:

    hahaha so this legitimately made me smile, you did really well, i tried to make a meme and i failed horribly so I know the struggle of making one, but dang you did well. I liked how your text was more serious and explained your topic more.


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